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  1. If this is your first order, please fill out the form completely.

    If you have provided complete information previously, please provide adequate contact information to allow us to serve you promptly.
  2. Is this address also your invoice address?
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Digital File Information
  1. Imported Graphics
    Acceptable Graphic Formats for Windows and Macintosh are TIFF and EPS as b/w, grayscale, cmyk and spot color(s).
    Please avoid Pict and Windows Metafile.
  2. Source

Output Information
  1. Important Notes
    Please provide copies of GRAPHICS (files) imported into your document, including ones that are embedded. For EPS graphic files with type: please remember to provide fonts used in the files. Don't use LZW Compression.
  2. Page Size
  3. Type of Film Output

  4. Right Reading Emulsion
  5. Resolution
  6. Screen Size

  7. Marks
  8. Color Separations
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